(Tamil Nadu Act 21 of 1994)

Chapter II

Grama Sabha

                   3. Grama Sabha. (1) There shall be a Grama Sabha for every Village Panchayat consisting of persons registered in the electoral roll relating to the Panchayat Village, comprised within the area of the said Village Panchayat.

                   1[(2) Subject to the general orders of the Government, the Grama Sabha shall meet atleast twice in a year but six months shall not intervene between any two meetings.

                   (2-A) Every meeting of the Grama Sabha shall be convened by the President of the Village Panchayat. If the President fails to convene the meeting of the Grama Sabha, the Inspector shall convene the meeting.]

                   (3) (a) The Grama Sabha shall, -

                                    (i)  approve the village plan ;

                                    (ii) approve the village budget for the year ; 2[***]

                                    3[(ii-a) approve the audit report on the Village Panchayat accounts of the previous year; and]

                                    (iii) review the progress of the implementation of all schemes entrusted to the Village Panchayat.

                           (b) The Government may, by notification, entrust to the Grama Sabha such other functions as may be specified.

                   (4) The Village Panchayat shall give due consideration to the recommendations and suggestions of the Grama Sabha.

                   (5) The quorum  for a meeting 4[***] and the procedure for convening and conducting such meetings of the Grama Sabha shall be such as may be prescribed.

                   (6) Every meeting of the Grama Sabha shall be presided over by the President and in his absence, by the Vice President and in the absence of both the President and Vice President, by a member chosen by the members present at the meeting.

1.    Substituted by Tamil Nadu Act 28 of 1998.

2.    The words “and” was omitted by Tamil Nadu Act 28 of 1998.

3.    Inserted by Tamil Nadu Act 28 of 1998.

4.   The words “of the Grama Sabha shall be one-third of the total number of the members of the Grama Sabha” were omitted by Tamil Nadu Act 28 of 1998.


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